I am Peter Cai, a

  • Systems Software Developer
  • Free Software enthusiast

You might know me from


My native language is Mandarin, whose written language is called Chinese (Simplified). I am fairly fluent in English and can handle day-to-day communication in Japanese as well. You might see articles written in any one of these languages on this blog.


My last name, Cai, should be pronounced [t̻͡s̪ai], with the "C" pronounced like a "Ts". It is incorrect to pronounce it like Sai, Kai, or Chai, as these can refer to other family names / words in Chinese.

I go by the name Peter online in most circumstances, even in Chinese-centric communities. My native Chinese name, Xiyu, is awkward to pronounce in English contexts. The correct pronunciation is [ɕijy˨˩˦]. There is no sane English approximation for the pronunciation, unfortunately.


The domain, typeblog.net, was registered around 2013 when I first started having a presence on the internet. Here, "type" refers to the act of typing, as in, typing a blog article. At that time, the young Peter believed such a name is somehow poetic. Like many things, it feels somewhat stupid when looking back. But anyway, I am now stuck with this domain, and it has already become an integral part of my online presence.


Current PGP keys in use:

  • C1EC E2E1 3719 4B7E BA58 7DB7 BF02 0779 A303 663F (preferred)
  • 9B69 2698 88F0 0C16 486C 9EC4 97BF B9AD 6287 DB0A
  • 20FD 21CF F0D9 CB27 3D60 FBC0 4F6F 4B73 393B E350

BTW, I use Arch.